Why do you need Integration?

To appreciate all the advantages and flexibility of the Odoo platform, let's determine what practical benefits of integrating the system with the site.

All in one

Information about customers and their actions is concentrated in one place. The system guides potential customer through the entire sales funnel and allows you to find out at what stage he left the "distance" and did not take the necessary action.


Mailing and telephony

Integration with mailing and telephony allows you to save all data and communication history. Search using filters and get the necessary information.



Looking for the reason for bounce rate? Integration with analytics is a complete control not only of data, but also the quality of employees\' work. The system analyzes at what stage of communication with the client, errors occur that lead to failures.



The program monitors employees, which allows you to identify the most productive or unscrupulous. You will see a picture of how many mailings or calls the manager made, how well he worked with the client. Plans and reports for the past period are also available.



Integration with databases will allow you to structure and systematize all information about customers. Contacts, sales data and other information will be structured and stored in its place.



Set possible scenarios in the system. And when working with clients, in a certain sequence of actions, the system will react automatically. For example, after receiving data about the client, the program will issue possible commercial or promotional offers.

CRM/ERP system Integrates with all systems

Odoo CMS - це велика картина


Integration with 1C

If you do not want to abandon the old, familiar 1C - integration allows you to automatically import all data, upload nomenclatures and other documentation. Synchronization of all necessary documents is also provided. You can work in a simple and advanced CRM, and send the received information to 1C. Flexibility of the of the system allows you to customize these mechanisms.

Integration with delivery services

This is the ability to control all transport and logistics routes, manage them and correct deficiencies in a timely manner.

Integration with analytics

Gives a complete picture of traffic sources, be it the results of advertising campaigns or the arrival of a client from organic traffic. In the system you will see it by your tags.

Integration with banking

Integration with financial institutions helps to control all transactions, financial operations.

Integration with email and telephony

Allows you to get full statistics of email conversion. You can build a chain of consecutive emails for the client. As for telephony, the work of modern call center is difficult to even imagine without CRM, especially if managers have to process large amounts of information. Data storage, detailed information about products and promotions - makes it possible to quickly respond and deliver information to the client.