What is Important in Production Processes?

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a basic need of a manufacturing enterprise.

We can not allow a situation where there is a sudden shortage of any materials or components. This will lead to the fact that the order will be executed untimely and, as a result, will severely damage the reputation of the enterprise. A surplus of raw materials will lead to irrational consumption of material resources, possibly there will be a need for additional storage.

How to prevent this? Fortunately, we live in a time when there is no need to keep a warehouse, production accounting manually, on paper cards. But despite the fact that such a system gives a lot of mistakes, many enterprises still use such systems to this day. In the time of technology development, such systems can be abandoned.

What is MRP-system?

This is a production resource planning system

It is a separate but synchronized module of the Odoo platform.

Accounting and providing the enterprise with the necessary materials and components is the main task of the program, which it copes with perfectly. It automatically regulates the warehouse, balances, expenses and receipts, so you will always have everything under control. Finally, you will forget about incidents when there is a lack of necessary elements or basic materials for production.

MRP Controls




Calculation of the need for raw materials and materials


Transport routes


Cost of equipment


Procurement budget planning (automatic)


Accounting of the warehouse and other divisions


Plan production rationally and efficiently

All production operations are planned and controlled by the system. Setting tasks based on the results of orders and plans, visual control of the results of analysis on diagrams - everything is available in one system thanks to automation. This helps to see gaps in the supply of warehouse or production and not to miss anything

Data on orders, sales, as well as plans and forecasts of demand, will contribute to optimal production planning.

Odoo is a flexible system

There are no more restrictions in anything. Moreover, with our system you can make changes. It is possible to adjust schedules, plans, tasks and even goals operations. In the Odoo system, it is possible to make changes depending on your needs.

You can also modify the interface of receiving information. Charts, lists, calendar tables and more - choose what is most convenient for you.

The main thing is to follow the path of planning both in production and in the timing of orders.

Only in this case the system determines the lack of any resources, which allows you to respond to it in a timely manner.

Production analysis

Production is directly related to the warehouse.

With the MRP system, you are calm for the warehouse and for each stage of production. The system integrates these two sectors and monitors the status of each of them at the planning level.

System integration

When it comes to integrations, the Odoo platform is second to none. Its flexibility allows the system to integrate with other applications (departments of the company) without additional costs.

  1. Integration with the sales department. You no longer need to spend a lot of time on execution and control of each order separately. As well as on planning.

  2. Procurement. The possibility of wasting resources irrationally and purchasing something in reserve. Stocks will be significantly reduced and you can easily replenish them when it is really necessary.

  3. Integration with the management structure and accounting. With the system you are aware of of the cost of goods, the cost of funds for each operation and costs in general. And all this is in online mode.

MRP system makes management easier and reduces the workload on staff. With correct sequence of steps, the probability of its error is reduced to zero.

The system provides accurate data on warehouse and production. Regulation of supply and consumption of materials (components) is carried out at a high level, without errors. And the resources of the warehouse and the enterprise as a whole - are spent rationally. Plus the flexibility of the Odoo platform gives the ability to make adjustments at any level of work.