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LBS Group is about development and innovation. Our company is a lever of automation of your business automation. We bring your wildest ideas to life.

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LBS Group


We create highly effective solutions and provide them to our customers.


Since 2014 we have gathered a highly qualified team of talented developers, analysts, consultants and designers.


Our main goal is to provide scalable and reliable solutions.


Our experience and knowledge help us to achieve this.


Solutions created by LBS Group are ideal suitable for small, medium and large businesses.


We can automate business processes with the help of IT technologies that are suitable for your organization, regardless of whether your company has 5 employees or 500, and find the most cost-effective way to get the right level of support.


In addition to developing and implementing comprehensive and flexible CRM + ERP software solutions, we also advise on issues in this area.


LBS Group?

Tasks solved
by the system

  • Increase in the number of sales
  • Automation of all business processes of the company
  • Minimizing the risks of information loss
  • Optimization of costs and the production cycle
  • Reliable storage of all company information
  • Improvement of customer service
  • Increasing the efficiency of employees
  • Reducing the number of operations for collecting information about the client

Advantages which the company receives

  • A flexible system of 11,000 modules
  • Work "online" from anywhere in the world
  • Unique sales tools
  • Customer survey creation module
  • Integration with Google services in 2 clicks
  • "Live" chat between "manager-client"
  • For marketing campaigns
  • And many more useful tools...


Manufacturing Companies

If you own a production and have a goal to increase profits, then at first glance it seems that you need to start producing more. But if you think about it, it is not only this factor leads to the main goal. LBS is ready to share with you a tool that can increase the productivity and profit of your company.


If your company has ambitions and a goal to enter a large market, you need to bypass the competition and become a leader in your field. This can be done by automating business processes. The main assistant in achieving the goal is the CRM system! The program will open up new business opportunities for you and set the necessary direction on the way to success.


One of the most important factors to look for when choosing a system is simplicity. Not every employee will want to understand a complex interface or sequence of operations. In addition, it significantly reduces productivity. Therefore, Odoo offers a simple and flexible modular system that everyone can handle. Odoo system is designed to manage all departments and business processes. Thanks to it you will be able to manage internal and external projects of your company.

Retail, Online

What do you need for successful online trading? A good website and a proven system sales management system. Do you need an effective platform with ready-made processes? CRM system helps any business to manage sales at any level, from attracting retail customers to closing large deals. Odoo is a platform that provides much more opportunities.


This program will not allow you to sell goods that are not in stock. You will be able to easily maintain inventory and sales with automatic inventory adjustments and reports. Analysis online balances is the most convenient and efficient way to work with warehouses.


Special solutions for logistics companies allow you to improve the management of delivery and shipment management in your company, as well as the efficiency of your fleet and warehouses. TMS solutions developed by LBS based on the Odoo platform are in great demand today are in great demand today. The system covers all business processes of the carrier company and increases efficiency of delivery and transportation management of the enterprise, its fleet and warehouse.


What does it take for a customer to become a fan of your establishment? One of the main factors of success is the highest quality of service. An important component of quality service is business automation. Online cash desk, analytics, warehouse, accounting and CRM in the Odoo system.


Software designed specifically for the automation of business processes in construction is Odoo ERP for construction. Our solution includes the necessary modules for construction process management, production management and control.

Why CRM and ERP implementation has a positive impact on the company's work.

The trouble of our time is the race for the client. It is difficult to surprise with unique offers. В reality - they are almost gone! Very rarely someone comes up with something new and truly unique. But what can really pleasantly surprise is the level of service. Better - one grateful customer than 10 "dragged by the ears". Because the client who liked everything will definitely will come back and even recommend you to friends. Due to the fact that the service process is automated, the speed increases and time spent on the technical part is reduced. Also, the need for new staff is reduced to a minimum.

LBS: manage your company easily and efficiently

CRM is a tool that shapes the policy of the company as a whole. In the first place in it is the client.

It does not matter how large your business is. But it is important not only automation of customer relationships, but also how great your desire to improve the quality of of work and optimize your business. If you are aiming at development - the software will help you in this. Odoo has many offers that can be customized according to your business needs. To manage your company through CRM+ERP, you only need the Internet. You will be able to observe all the processes taking place in the company from any device wherever you are wherever you are.

Odoo Is Used By More Than 50 000 Companies


Integrates With All Systems

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