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The main thing for successful online trading is a good website and a reliable system sales management system. Looking for an effective platform with ready-made processes?

CRM system for automation of any business, will help to manage sales at any level, from attracting retail customers to closing large deals.Odoo is a platform that provides much more opportunities. Using our software maximizes your opportunities.

What Is E-Commerce?

Analytics in Odoo

Odoo e-commerce module is not just about buying goods online, as it is commonly believed. In our system the module has really wide possibilities:

  • Beautiful and convenient, in terms of usability, pages of the site;
  • The whole system is built on simple management;
  • Convenient mobile version;
  • Quality seo-promotion;
  • Integration with such departments as warehouse, purchasing, accounting, etc.

This module allows you to optimize online sales without any extra effort. All because in the Odoo platform all systems are easily integrated with each other and have wide functionality.


Simple editor - modern pages

The module is designed for an online store. With the help of a unique editor you can create pages that really "sell". You will always be able to easily edit the record, cost and any information in the product card.

Odoo has many building blocks and functionality for the site. All this is implemented in just a few clicks and you get a convenient, informative site with modern design.

Product description

The block editor, which has many functions, will help to fill the product pages with quality content. All information about the product: color, size, functionality, quantity in stock, price - is automatically uploaded to the site.

Solutions to increase the average check

CRM system for your business is a great way to make additional sales. Thanks to the wide functionality of the Odoo platform and the ability to integrate, the system offers the customer additional products based on his choice.

The undoubted advantage of the system is that it regularly displays the availability of goods in the warehouse and automatically updates the statuses. This feature allows each employee to have accurate information, which increases the speed and level of service.

Invoice and expense management

The system has a very useful feature. In it you can set rules and invoices for customers will be generated automatically. Based on what factors you will set the settings - depends on the industry of business. The system is flexible and easy customizable to any requirements.

All employees can control the expenses of the enterprise (each at their own level). Using the program, you approve them and leave comments for the manager. Make an invoice, payment, send it for approval to the accounting department - integration allows you to do all this without leaving your seat and without leaving the work program.

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