Automation of banking activities

Automated banking system is able to increase the competitiveness and quality of service, the efficiency of bank employees, as well as the speed of information processing.

Thanks to Odoo modules for automation of bank business processes you get increased profits, reduced operating costs and customer loyalty.

Odoo ABS Modules -
Automated Banking System

The banking sector manages one of the most important values of a person - his finances, so it is the most vulnerable to the trust and loyalty of customers. What can guarantee the quality of work to the client? Today it is possible only thanks to automated programs. Odoo team of professionals will provide a full range of works on preparation, implementation and maintenance of banking programs for lending, front-systems and personal user account.

Automation of lending

Thanks to the automation of banking processes for issuing loans, the speed of processing information about the client and the decision to issue a loan are reduced. On the part of the client simplifies the application process and the waiting time for the bank's response.

Odoo banking module provides growth of profitability indicators lending, customer base and accelerates the process of business development.

Personal user account

Bank customers should receive the widest opportunities to track their transactions, manage accounts and report on their financial actions within the user account.

Convenience of online payments through the personal account of the bank is one of the main requirements of the modern client. The capabilities of the Odoo banking system help to create the most understandable and convenient user account.

Front systems

Maximum automation of bank processes thanks to the Odoo front office module. The best solution for managers to work with clients in real time - organization of bank call-center services. Registration and support of all banking products.

Use front systems to develop relationships with customers, expand the database and speed up verification of database and accelerate verification for the conclusion of transactions.

crm for the banking sector

Thanks to the Odoo CRM system, focused on the banking sector, it is easy to raise the level of service and increase customer loyalty. With our system, the service banking institution will be at the highest level. Knowing your customers and their credit history, providing information in seconds - all this is possible thanks to automation. As well as the development of individual client cards, a single database of counterparties for all departments, integration with other banking systems, increasing the productivity of employees within the company.

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