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Mobile application development is the best investment for your business.

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Mobile App is one of the most effective ways of business development: increasing customer loyalty, increase sales and optimize business processes.

LBS Group creates turnkey mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems, as well as for other mobile platforms.

How to make the right decision when choosing a platform for a mobile application? After all, today there is no single solution for the two giant platforms in the world: iOS and Android. This means that for each platform it is necessary to develop separately programs, take into account the features of working with these systems and adapt under their rules. That is why you need to understand what is the purpose of the mobile application, what your user is and analyze his behavioral model. As a rule, just as the platforms differ from each other, so do the owners of devices with different operating systems are mostly different. When choosing platform for mobile application development should take into account all the nuances.

The LBS team will help you understand the intricacies of choosing a platform, determine the goal and the way to effective project implementation.


iOS platform

This operating system is used only for Apple devices. The advantage of choosing iOS is quite significant - the high solvency of your target audience. Along with a higher financial level of system users come increased requirements for the application (ease of use, practical benefits, creativity, etc.). You need to be ready to develop a special application that will be able to interest your target audience.

Android platform

As you know, the operating system is used for most devices on the market smart devices. And this in turn indicates the scale of distribution among users. Despite the popularity of Android, one should take into account the fact that the cost of smartphones is much lower than the cost of devices running on iOS. That is your target audience chooses a more budget mobile device.

stages of mobile
application development

01 Business analysis

Before you start developing a mobile app, you need to understand and analyze product, audience and market. Having received answers to all questions, we form the final goal of the project, which is the basis for starting work.

02 Creating a model

All the data obtained are visualized in the application model, then in the functionality and design. Sections of the future program are developed. At this stage, the project takes shape and appearance.

03 Programming

The stage of transition from a virtual model to a real program. Thanks to modern tools and professionalism of our developers, the implementation of this stage is fast and of the highest quality.

04 Launching the application

The final stage of the project includes: testing the application, launching in the App Store or Google Play, depending on the platform chosen for your target audience, training employees on how to use the service.

05 Technical support

In case of need to expand the functionality of the application or update the data, as well as other technical issues, we guarantee quality and timely service is guaranteed.

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