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Your company needs certain services, but you do not have specialists in this area?

Or they are, but you do not want to overload them with routine tasks? What to do in to do in this case? Give the matter in the hands of professionals!

And if you need the services of an IT specialist? To do this, it is not necessary to hire a full-time employee or a whole department. Moreover, the budget of not every enterprise budget does not provide for this. Why not outsource some tasks? LBS Group concludes cooperation agreements.

Many companies have long come to the conclusion that there is no need to spend internal resources on tasks that can be given to professionals. This approach will bring better results. Many large companies are prospering, working in this way. A closer look at their activities reveals they delegate from 30% to 50% of their tasks in this way.


The system that was chosen several years ago can no longer meet all the needs. If your company already has a ready-made system, but its functionality is not enough for you. How can our specialists help in this case? Modify the existing system with the help of built-in modules. After that, the platform will be able to cover more departments and perform those functions that were not previously provided.


Does your company need a unique application? Our developers will create a system with individual settings, according to the peculiarities of your business. This could also be separate unique modules that meet the specifics of your business processes.


Do you need help with the system? You will get much more. Full control in setting up access rights for the employees involved. Flexible system of settings allows you to determine which sections to show and to which of them to give access to employees.

Business analysis

You probably know that without a thorough and deep business analysis it is impossible to approach reasonably and functionally to build a company's growth strategy. In our staff has business analysts with extensive experience. They will collect information about your company, the course of internal processes, successful advertising campaigns, sales transactions, etc. Based on the information received, the necessary tools are implemented, that contribute to positive dynamics

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