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Do you want to increase the speed and quality of customer service with the help of automation!? The productivity of your employees will increase significantly thanks to the POS Odoo system. We offer convenient, reliable and affordable for user software, which has many more advantages.

Using our software maximizes your opportunities.

Versatility And Simplicity

Flexible and
affordable software

Flexible and affordable software that works perfectly online on any hardware and anywhere in the world. any hardware and anywhere in the world.

Thanks to integration with accounting and warehouse, you no longer need to download data and create separate reports. The system is designed so that when making sales, information about the state of the warehouse and revenue automatically changes. Long unloading of information is a thing of the past. From now on, statistics and all data on sales are available online You can also transfer data on paper, issue checks to customers or invoices to suppliers, because the system provides printing of invoices and invoices.

Work on any equipment

Now your customers do not have to spend time waiting, because POS Odoo quickly copes with the tasks.

It functions perfectly on any device thanks to its flexibility. It works equally well: on a terminal, tablet, iPad, laptop, personal computer, phone. POS is compatible with barcode scanners, various types of printers, commodity electronic scales and other commercial and technological equipment.

POS Odoo - Fast And

The program has a simple and modern interface, pleasant for perception. It does not have to rack your brains, and all commands are carried out intuitively.

Customers are no longer forced to wait long. You can open several checks in the system simultaneously, regardless of the field of activity. This function is simply necessary in shops and restaurants.

The quick search system reduces the service time for each customer.

Regardless of whether you search the catalog or scan barcodes - you get information about the product instantly Automation will be effective: in cafes, pubs, restaurants, snack bars (fast food, pizzeria), shops, etc. And the control panel is easily configured to the needs of your business. In just one click you will have access to information:

  • about the remains of products in the warehouse;
  • cash register status (expense, income) without long reports;
  • reports with detailed analysis;
  • invoices.

For catering establishments, special functions are configured that simplify the work of the staff. For example, the composition of a dish, cocktail, etc.


The main secret of productive work is the integration of POS with all modules. For example, integration with a warehouse will allow you to assess stocks at any time.

If you need to make applications to suppliers, you do not have to look for invoices, go through a lot of papers or meaningless tables.

One click and the data is already in front of you. For a chain of stores - this is a great opportunity redirect the customer to another point of sale, in the absence of goods on site.

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