Logistics and Transport

Special solutions for logistics companies allow you to improve the management of delivery and shipment management in your company, as well as the efficiency of your fleet and warehouses.

Using our software maximizes your opportunities.


TMS solutions, which were developed by LBS on the basis of the Odoo platform, today have are in great demand today. The system covers all business processes of the carrier company and increases efficiency of delivery and transportation management of the enterprise, its fleet and warehouse. Your opportunities with this software are as wide as possible.

system capabilities

Management of driver's working time

Odoo TMS is equipped with functions that allow you to specify the time distribution of the planned route, in accordance with the current legislation.

Vehicle maintenance

Based on the schedules of scheduled repairs / maintenance of transport, work schedules drivers, a matrix of vehicle availability is formed in the form of a Gantt chart, with the possibility of manual change of deviation time.

Consolidation of orders

Odoo TMS has the ability to consolidate orders consisting of several batches into one general order.

Loading and unloading and routes

Odoo displays information about available transport for loading and "Delivery Requests" planned for shipment.

Automatic route planning

Odoo TMS is equipped with a route planning algorithm, which in combination with digital map allows you to automatically plan the route of transportation. Depending on the needs of the company.

Vehicle accounting

Odoo provides for the accounting of company vehicles, both own and rented.

advantages of working
with odoo tms

  • 01 Schedule

    Formation of a clear schedule of delivery without unnecessary waste of time

  • 02 Fuel

    Significant savings on fuel and car maintenance.

  • 03 Personnel

    Optimization of personnel, savings on personnel.

  • 04 Route

    Prompt corrections to the current route, instant route changes.

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