HR: Personnel Management

Systematization is very important for the productive work of the HR sector. The Odoo platform solves all the tasks of the HR department. With its help, the process of recruiting personnel, motivating employees and establishing a corporate culture will be easily and naturally

RECRUITMENT OF PERSONNEL How To Optimize The Recruitment Process? The Platform Has Various Features To Help With This. Here Are Some Of Them:

  • 01

    With Odoo, you can manage posted jobs, monitor responses to them and register candidates to them and register candidates for interviews

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    The project manager or HR director can prescribe the requirements for candidates in the system, and after the interview, attach resumes here. With this approach, the entire HR department can track information about applicants and not make unnecessary actions to send data to each other

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    Odoo allows you to configure the system so that the received resumes will be distributed by certain categories.For example, resumes with cover letters are placed in subdivision with a certain label

  • 04

    The program has a built-in indexing function, so you can easily find the resume of the desired applicant. And letter templates - will significantly save your time when writing responses


Access to

All important information about employees is stored in one place. All data are under your control, and the flexibility of the system allows you to open access to information to other users in whole or in part. For example, personal data remain visible only to the HR manager, and the rest of the information (less personalized) is open to all employees.

With Odoo, you can control the expiration dates of contracts with each employee and renew them in a timely manner.

Corporate social network

Work chats allow you to establish communication between colleagues working in different departments. It is very important to have a quality communication channel with remote employees. Odoo allows not only to communicate and create communities, but also to track publications, exchange files, documentation.

With the modern business trend (offices in several cities and even countries, staff of remote employees), the system will become an invaluable assistant, and the efficiency of work with its implementation will only increase.

Time sheet of
working time

All information about the distribution of working time is available to the manager in the time sheet system accounting system.

Now you can see how much time an employee spent on a task or project. And the best part is that the timesheet is filled in and controlled very simple. By the way, the flexibility and integration of the system allows you to see these accounting data and take them into account when calculating wages.

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