CRM system

What is the secret of successful companies? Developing companies can no longer imagine business without a CRM system.

Automation is guaranteed to increase productivity and raise the level of the company on the market. In order to reach more audience - you need to give more to give. Give in terms of service, because in the Odoo system, the client is the main value.



Increase sales and demand for the company's services


Attract more customers


To create a positive reputation of the company, due to the quality of service


Increase the average check and cross-sell


Conduct analysis and make forecasts


Control and manage all divisions


Guide the customer through the sales funnel

The system monitors the customer journey - from the beginning to the purchase. You get a complete picture of what stage the customer is at. Thanks to this, you can predict his actions and work on problematic moments. And in the future you will focus on the most important aspects.

Don't Lose

Whether you collect data about customers or suppliers, the system automatically accumulates and sorts data into storages. You no longer need to do it manually. All information from e-mail newsletters, order forms, subscriptions - is storedautomatically and replenishes your database with e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Control and

With the help of the system you can control communication with the client at all levels. Make mailings, calls, make appointments, make commercial offers to your customers, etc. Also, information, notes and all data are in one database. The system stores a client card with all the data on it. When a manager receives an incoming call from a client who has already been served in the company, the system automatically gives out all the data, which allows the manager, focusing on the history relationship with the client, to make him a special or promotional offer that he will surely be interested in. For the manager to call the client, you will need to make just one click. In the same place communication history is stored here

Save your time

Automation and competent planning - saves more time for the implementation of more global tasks. Our system displays current offers, new messages and expected profit. Thanks to this, you will have access to a complete picture of future actions.

System Integration

Integration with social networks.

It is known that integration speeds up and simplifies work processes. Integration of crm with social networks allows you to automatically save all customer data.

Integration with email

Easily sort incoming emails by relevant departments, employees or operations, as well as mark important messages.

Integration with accounting

If we talk about the financial department and accounting, then everything becomes simple and obvious. You do not have to move data manually.

Integration with external services

Odoo easily integrates with other applications. Now you do not need to open dozens of windows - all on one platform.



Generate leads easily

It is very easy to analyze leads from advertising campaigns, newsletters and website in CRM. Deleting duplicates is now easy and fast, because the system finds them automatically. Analysis of advertising campaigns will allow you to navigate the situation, understand why you should to devote more time and how to avoid mistakes in the future.


Follow the internal
calendar of the company

It will allow you to control employees and find out how effective they are inworking hours. You can also see their schedule: scheduled meetings, phonecalls that need to be made - everything is available in one table.


Keep records
at any level

In such areas as production and warehouse it is impossible to do without a global accounting system accounting and work at the same time productively. But CRM - provides this unit with all the necessary functions. With the system, you will optimize data processing, be able to make calculations when the formation of orders, display balances Integration with the financial department will allow you to receive invoices and make payments, without leaving the system.

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