Wondering how to control the warehouse of the enterprise? Lost in the multitude of offers and do not know which one will perfectly meet the needs of warehouse accounting?

LBS Group offers the best solution - a system that will not let you down, will save both time and money Using our software maximizes your opportunities.

flexible modular
odoo system

After installing the platform with additional modules, you can immediately start working immediately. The automation process has already started for your business.

The program has an accessible interface. To understand it and train employees, it will not take much time.

You do not have to perform complex operations to enter data from your old account. With Odoo, importing all the necessary information is quickly and accurately.

Automation eliminates the need to perform and strictly control routine tasks, performing operations with greater accuracy. Employees and management will have more time to perform more global tasks. All this contributes to business expansion and bringing the enterprise to a new level.

possibilities of warehouse
accounting system


A warehouse is a unit in which maximum accuracy is important, moreover, in the correct sequence. Automation in tracking warehouse stocks, the arrival and expenditure goods (raw materials) - will lead to a significant reduction in the time spent on these operations. And this is only a small part of the advantages of Odoo WMS.

The system works on the principle of double entry, which allows you to easily manage warehouse stocks. You have the ability to track the path of movement of goods from the supplier to the customer. That is, the question that some unit of goods lost or disappeared, is excluded by itself. In the system, nothing disappears and is not lost, and the goods are moved from one data storage to another.

Odoo will significantly reduce the time

With Odoo less time is spent on:

  • data processing;
  • calculations during the production and formation of orders;
  • development of strategies;
  • withdrawal of balances;
  • optimization of planning.

Transaction automation allows you to create your own routing plan, schedule parishes and internal movements.

All operations are under full control, no matter at what stage of movement the goods are located. This means controlling not only your warehouse, but also customers or suppliers.

Warehouse control and management

The system integrates perfectly with such modules as purchasing and sales. Thanks to this, it predicts the number of purchases with excellent accuracy, allows to calculate the amount of warehouse stocks, as well as expenses and income.

Now you will receive the optimal amount of goods and get rid of the need to accumulate excess inventory. The system calculates, plans and sets purchasing rules automatically. This makes the expenditure of financial resources of the enterprise more rational.

As for serial numbers, they are assigned at any stage, from purchase to delivery. The system provides the ability to track them with accuracy and detail.

Create a clear delivery schedule, save on fuel and maintenance vehicles, optimize staffing, save on personnel

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