Does your company need new ideas or professional, objective advice? Or do you want to receive larger projects, but so far you are not able to do it? To bring your business to a new level is a reasonable and feasible desire.

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What is needed for this?

Rational and comprehensive approach, implementation of a business management platform and professional, systematic consulting - consulting. To date company management technologies intersect very closely with IT. The decisions that are taken in management, affect the field of technology.

The main purpose of consulting is to establish a management system, to assist in implementation and automation of business processes. In this matter will help consultation specialists will help in this matter. If your goals are really global, then you need not just advice, but quality consulting. It can be obtained based on the results of expert evaluation and in-depth analysis of the company's activities.

In this case, the experience of a specialist who will deal with this issue is very important. Only knowledge of numerous schemes of actions and experience in solving internal and external issues will help to bring the company to a new level.

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Construction of business processes


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Use of software

Consulting in IT and business process automation

Consulting in the field of information technology - one of the most popular types of consulting. In the time of rapid development of technology, not every company has time to implement and optimize business processes in step with the times.

LBS consultants will provide an expert assessment of the effectiveness of software implementation and will do everything to make the technology worked for the benefit of the company's development.

Implementation of CRM and ERP automates and structures the work of the company, which solves half of the priority tasks. Consulting in turn brings the internal communications of the company in agreement and helps to quickly establish and optimize work processes.

An integrated approach will allow you to

  • effectively organize the work of the IT department, sales, etc;
  • get full control over incoming and outgoing information;
  • select specialists of the technical base;
  • get an analysis of existing business processes and increase their efficiency;
  • introduce a new approach.

LBS consultants do not set abstract goals and do not give eloquent promises. You can count on a rational approach. Only facts, figures, analytical data and concrete results. And the results you will see not on paper in the form of beautiful charts. The results will be real, in the form of increased efficiency. Namely: optimization of the company's activities, integration, change of the structure business processes.

How will your company be consulted?

It all starts with research. Based on interviews with employees of the management the consultant builds a model of implementation and organization of processes.

Main Tasks For The
Consultant At This Stage

problematic points

Take into account who
performs which functions

Determine what and where the
interaction of units takes place

What is the result

After this stage, a complete analysis of the data and the situation as a whole is carried out, and solutions for each stage separately, as well as new solutions for managing these stages. The current state of affairs is determined and optimization of business processes is planned in a certain order of execution.

According to the client's requirements, all processes are adjusted and formed. It is the need of the client is the key in the value system of Odoo and LBS Group. But it is important not to forget about the control and motivation of employees of your company. The system works and brings results only in the aggregate of systematic actions.

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