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If you want to improve the quality and productivity of your company - automation of business processes is a great solution.

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Business Analysis: Where To Start?

Before implementing any system, you need to determine what set of functions it should have. And understand the needs of the company. For these purposes, we conduct business analysis. Without a qualitative and in-depth analysis, business automation will not bring high results. There will be no optimization of the company and its direction on the course of development.

The analysis is carried out according to a certain scheme and its task is to


Identify the functions and capabilities of the company


Add goals and objectives


Find ways to achieve them and implement the process


Identify the needs and possible options for interaction within the company


Find external points and ways of interaction

How Is Automation

Identify and satisfy consumer needs

At first glance it seems that everything is simple. But the result is different for everyone, because it depends on the competence of the specialist who is responsible for the case. LBS Group boldly relies on the company's business analysts. Our 100% confidence in the quality of services is backed by the professionalism of our staff specialists and their many years of experience.

The first thing a business analyst does is to collect the necessary documents and information about the company. It is important that the specialist takes into account the goals and objectives of the customer.

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Enterprise automation is impossible without the implementation of web solutions. By solutions means not only a platform for system tasks, but also a set of functions and sequential steps of the company as a whole. Automation of these actions will provide a high level of of interaction with customers. This will give even more profit to the company, and, most importantly, will increase its authority due to the quality of service to each client separately.

Automation of processes is a large amount of work on the analysis of activities. The result of the analysis specialists is not only in checking the workflow and collecting information about the company. First of all - identifying the needs of the client, and only then — setting tasks, specific goals that contribute to their solution.

Odoo system and LBS
Group specialists will
help business:


Conduct a detailed business analysis, on the basis of which the platform will be implemented for development.


Improve project efficiency by automating processes.


Collect information about customers and manage it wisely.


Automate the sales


Identify the needs of each client.


Improve the quality and speed
of service.


Manage the document flow of the company.


Keep internal records of prices, warehouse, etc.

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