Do you want to effectively promote your website, brand, improve the quality of advertising campaigns or do you need a decent PR?

For comprehensive marketing there is Odoo. A system that combines all the necessary functions in one system and has simple management.

Communication With Customers Is Important! With The Help Of The Platform You Can

  • 01

    Manage mailing

  • 02

    Import subscriber and customer data

  • 03

    Create spectacular letters in the designer or use ready-made templates

  • 04

    Create events and polls

Conduct Mass Mailing Not Only With The Purpose Of Selling Something.

Create events - attract more people

The platform has a great tool for creating events. Now you can automate many processes:

  • Publishing information about the event on the site;
  • Synchronization of the system with the site;
  • Printing and sending tickets;
  • Confirmation of participation;
  • Mailing to new participants;
  • Sending reminders about the event.

Analytics in Odoo

Analytics is the first step on the way to optimization. The activity of the unit without analytics - is working blindly. But users of the Odoo platform are not threatened by this. Integration of modules of the Odoo system allows you to get all the necessary data simply, in a few clicks

Analyze with Odoo:

  • advertising campaigns;
  • ad effectiveness;
  • leads and confirmed orders;
  • user behavior on the site;
  • responses to mailing lists;
  • conduct a/b tests that significantly increase conversion.

Remember that only after a thorough analysis, you can understand what you have shortcomings and correct them.

Marketing research

Now you can easily conduct testing, surveys, questionnaires with Odoo tools. The system has forms with an excellent user interface, thanks to which you:

  • can easily manage the tool;;
  • create a survey in a few clicks;
  • receive regular updates on the status of the survey;
  • will have access to the data collected from the results of the survey in a single database;
  • create forms for questionnaires with a unique design, even without special skills;
  • be able to evaluate statistics and results.

With the Odoo automated system, the survey process is easy and efficient. And the number of attracted users will increase due to the modern approach.

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