Finance and Accounting

Do you want the financial department of your company to work clearly and productively? Financial accounting with Odoo platforms is a great alternative to 1C, because the system is provided with a wider and more accessible functionality. You can control budgets, conduct online analytics and more.

Invoices And Payments


You can import account data. When uploading information, the connection to the account occurs automatically. Integration with the sales department will also allow you to generate invoices, send them to buyers, and have full financial control over each stage.


It will take you no more than a few minutes to prepare and send invoices to clients. Integration with payment systems will also allow you to easily get paid.


The system allows you to set rules that are based on a set of services or temporary costs.


Integration with warehouse, orders and purchases will generate accurate payment data, saving you from a time-consuming, routine process.


All departments: procurement, warehouse, sales — are connected to the analytics system. You don't have to collect special data to analyze the company's performance. This significantly saves time and provides more accurate information about the state of affairs.


Accounting and all financial transactions will be under your clear control, only you will not have to collect information manually. You will only manage budgets and set transactions.


Odoo is the most affordable and flexible system

It is known that Odoo is the most affordable and flexible system. That's because it was developed for people, taking into account the basic wishes. The Odoo financial accounting module surpasses other systems in its ability to adapt to the needs of the user and financial processes of the company. It is so flexible that it is perfect for both the work of small businesses and entire corporations.

Odoo - a worthy replacement for 1c

Odoo is a worthy replacement for 1c, you will see its convenience in practice. The necessary system functions are connected at the right time. If your company has reached a certain level and it is not enough of the usual functionality of the system, then additional features you can connect when you need it. You will have access at any not only simple calculations, but also deep analytics will be available to you at any time, budgeting, etc.

Features and
benefits of the Odoo platform

What quality has the highest priority for the program from the point of view of employees?

Of course, it is quite difficult to single out one thing, but still there is the main thing — simplicity of the interface. Ask why? Modern business processes are developing very quickly, and therefore the introduction of new systems in many companies is frequent. Employees, who have a large amount of work, are not always able to master a new, complex program and in a short time. That is why our developers have made sure that in the interface software interface everything was as simple as possible.

Management accounting will always be under control. Before the employees a complete picture unfolds and operations are carried out with one click. All working moments can be solved by the team online. You can open access to reports, payments and all financial transactions.

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